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BodyInUnity Yoga changes lives. Don’t take our word for it. Everyone has a story. Discover the amazing personal results achieved by our students.


“The BinU class provides me a meaningful God-filled mid-week recharge of body, mind and spirit. As a non-member of the church, I have been welcomed warmly and encouraged to share in the word of God.”

“I look forward to and receive from BodyInUnity classes each and every time I attend.  I am aware of the physical changes to my body – I confess sometimes I feel taller as I head for home.  :-)   I appreciate the spiritual aspects of prayer, meditation, and Christian music to help keep me focused on Him.  Kristen is blessed to be a blessing.”  –Susan, age 58

“This ministry has done more benefit for my life than anyone can put a dollar figure on. Kristen’s worship through yoga has not only kept me grounded in my faith, but has also decreased the stress, body aches, and worries that come with life. This is truly been a blessing and a gift. Thank you!”

“The soothing effects of the yoga to Christian praise music, prayer and affirmation leaves me feeling refreshed and spiritually renewed. I can’t help but stretch when I hear the music between workouts. All age groups are welcome and some of us need to modify the moves! I am so glad I finally found the perfect yoga class and teacher.”  –Betty Baker, age 67

“Attending BinU helps me stop and pay attention to what God has given us.The poses, movements, music & prayers help me reduce my stress and get closer to Him. This is my meditation time. I love BinU ! Thank you for your ministry Kristen!” — Grace, age 42

“In the past, I was afraid to take a yoga class because of my back injuries. But after having participated in this class, I realized that yoga is possible, as long as I listen to my body and know my limitations.” –Callie Harbilas

“I want to say how much I enjoy this class; not just because of the physical benefits but also the peace I experience from life’s stresses and challenges. When I come to class I experience a “covering” and atmosphere of prayer and peace. I can easily leave all my problems and enter into the presence of God. I can tell Kristen prepares for class with prayer and bible study; and that she has truly sought God to bring Him into manifestation in her classes. Our attention is drawn to Him and she is His humble vessel. –Cassie Craft

“I have never done anything like BodyInUnity before, and it makes me feel exactly like you say, “strong, stretched and definitely centered on God”.   I love the music.  I know most of the songs and love to sing them to myself as we do the movements.  It is kind of a devotional for me and draws me closer to God as I move and take in the words of the songs.  I feel relaxed and ready to take on the dayafter class.   Thanks to Kristen for providing such a great expression of God’s love.” –Nancy Adams, age 62

“Doing Body in Unity has given me so much more energy and flexibility in my daily life. I feel more flexible than I did 10 years ago. Praising God for my health and the ability to keep all parts of my body moving is also a big plus”. –Helen Pluth, age 65


. . . your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God. You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you
with a high price . . .
honor God with your body.
1 Cor 6:19-20

“I was hit by a car going 45mph while riding my motorcycle in Oct. 2010. I am convinced that the grace of God and my practice of BodyInUnity spared me much greater injury than I suffered. Although I had a fractured coccyx, and six permanent spinal injuries, today I am spiritually healed, physically strong, and can manage my ongoing pain because of God’s work through this ministry.” — Kristen Johnson, age 49

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to BodyInUnity for teaching a GREAT Women’s Retreat this morning at Epiphany Lutheran in Oviedo!  My mind, body and spirit have been happy all day”! –Cara Lynn Roesner

Thank  you, Kristen for your Christian leadership and yoga  instruction at myFellowship Luncheon.  Everyone loved your ability to  provide scripture and Christian worship while experiencing yoga and helping our  bodies to become more flexible.” — Tina Regan

“This is the best, most amazing yoga class I have ever taken!!” –Lisa Christ

“I had been searching for a Christian yoga class for over a year and finding this class was an answer to prayer.  I had already experienced the physical benefits of yoga – relief from back pain, better posture and balance, muscle tone, and even weight loss.  I am experiencing these again with BodyInUnity, but I am also benefiting spiritually.  The devotionals that Kristen shares, the scripture quoted during class, and the beautiful praise music all work together to make this experience a physical act of worship.  I am thankful that Kristen is living out her calling!”  — Stacy, age 44

“I just want to say how much BodyInUnity has helped me. As a person withfibromyalgia, I have read recommendations that yoga will help with flexibility and stress. I was so thankful to find a Christian yoga practice. Not only has it helped me physically and with stress, it is helping me spiritually and emotionally; I feel like I am praising God with my body while we move. Praise God and thank you to BIU/Kristen for helping me feel better physically as well as aiding me in my faith walk.” –Cathy Mischuck, age 60

“I’ve been doing this class for just over three years now. Physically, it allowed me to build upon my general running workout and I am amazed at how much stronger my muscles have become. Spiritually …. well, let’s just say that this is the best way to worship God by “getting out from behind the pew” and using your God-given body to praise the Lord!” — Annette, age 50

“On the days that I go to yoga I have more energy and accomplish more.  Thank you for your dedication, encouragement, and inspiration.  I always leave feeling better than when I came!” — Pearl, age 37

“This ministry has helped me deal with the stress of having a child with autism. I am a better parent when I come to class. Thank you!”

“I have been going to BodyInUnity faithfully since September of 2010 and have been encouraged by the increased strength, balance and flexibility since I started.  The praise music and devotions are great–Kristen’s leading of the class and her witness are wonderful.  It is a wonderful way to start my day!  I would have to give it 5 out of 5!” –Diane B., age 55

“Thank you Kristen!  On Sunday I was in pain and had limited mobility in my neck and shoulder. After Monday’s class, my mobility was 100% restored and my pain was significantly less. After today’s class, ZERO pain in my neck and shoulder!  YOU ARE MY FAVORITE!  THANK YOU!  And I LOVE the music!” — Julie Mills

“BodyInUnity is chicken soup for the mother’s soul! For the mother of young children, this class washes away the stress and brings peace. The inspirational music and the physical and spiritual exercise are the perfect combination.” — Ashley, age 37

“This is such a fun and uplifting class. I wish I could practice with Kristen more often.” –Kathy Corbett

“This is the first exercise class I’ve ever attended that made me feel good about myself.” –Shauna W.