FeetUp®Trainer Yoga & Fitness

Having struggled to get my feet above my hips for a lifetime, FeetUp® opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me as a student and teacher of yoga, as well as a Personal Trainer. After playfully experimenting with it for 2 months because I wanted to experience the many benefits of regular inversion, I was hooked and bought 12 more for my studio. I held workshops for my teachers, contacted FeetUp®, attended the second Teacher Training in N. America with Daniel Scott, assisted a Teacher Training with him two months later, and began travelling with my 16 Trainers to offer workshops and courses. COVID-19 gave me the international online opportunity to share my FeetUp® Courses with students all over the world to rave reviews. The FeetUp® Trainer can provide safety, support & sustainability as well as intensity for your practice.

What students are saying about FeetUp® Courses & Workshops:

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