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A 501(c)(3) Non-profit Ministry
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Wellness Options 

BodyInUnity classes are designed for anyone wanting to learn & practice yoga.

We focus on the essence and foundations of postures, movement following breath, alignment and modifications to meet the needs of all practitioners.


Table Below is Class Schedule thru March 2019

Class cancellations/temporary changes:


January 21 MLK Jr. Holiday

11:00am ONE CLASS only for All Levels at Center Lake Park Amphitheater

NO classes at the studio that day unless it rains or is below 50 degrees -- then we will have the 11:00 am class indoors.


February 2nd  8am

Yoga in the Park -- Location change to Boston Hill Park


*Reservation Required for Friday Night class only.
Please text 321-229-6471 by 5pm on Friday. If there are less than two students scheduled, you will receive a reply that class is canceled. 


Please check our Facebook Page for any last minute changes/cancellations. Thank you.

All classes are 75 minutes in duration, unless otherwise noted.


see map for directions

♦ If you are a newcomer, recovering from an injury, have a special concern, or are looking for a slower, gentler experience with more explanation to get acquainted with the terminology and physical sensation, look for GREEN.

 If you are confident with names of postures, alignment, breathing, and creating your own experience, you will enjoy ORANGE classes. Not recommended for beginners.

All other classes noted in BLUE are mixed. Progressions and regressions are consistently offered and encouraged. Always focus on self-compassion, not conforming.
8:00 am





Community Yoga

Oviedo's Center

Lake Park

1st & 3rd

Saturdays ONLY 

9:00 am

Holy Rolling
25 min.  

9:15 am Flowing in Faith
*starts 9:30* 
  Flowing in Faith  Unity Foundations Powerful Praise  
10:00 am           Flowing in Faith
11:00 am Gentle
Renew & Restore 


   Unity Foundations  
6:00 pm

Deep Stillness with God

   Flowing in Faith    
6:30 pm   Unity Foundations   Gentle
Renew & Restore 
  *Flowing in Faith  

*Reservation Required for Friday Night class only.
Please text 321-229-6471 by 5pm on Friday. If there are less than two students scheduled, you will receive a reply that class is canceled.

♦ Unity Foundations  

You will learn the building blocks of breathing and alignment with plenty of instruction and explanation, including personal attention and adjustments.  Discover a new way to slow down, focus inward, and refine postures.


♦ Gentle Renew & Restore  

A gentle journey to enhance physical and emotional wellness by combining gentle movement, simple poses and breathing techniques. Less intense, but not less effective in facilitating unity.


♦ Deep Stillness with God

A calming practice using props with soft, soothing music and low lights. The postures in this practice focus on the tendons, ligaments and fascia to obtain a gentle “working in” with longer-held poses of 3-5 minutes. With the breath and easing into each pose, our Divine Father leads us with a renewed spiritual energy on our journey in health and healing ♥


+ Holy Rolling 

We will use a 36” foam roller for self-myofacial release (softening and releasing muscle & fascia). You’ll leave feeling like you just had a full-body massage and a quick workout! This class is only 25 mins.

+ Flowing in Faith 

Energize your soul with a dynamic combination of flowing movement and held postures sequenced with inspirational music!  Move through the rhythm of your breath to create balanced, flexible strength, and healthy, functional posture.

♥ Powerful Praise 

You must have a foundational understanding of alignment and breath to enjoy this class. This class takes Flowing in Faith to a new level of challenge, both physically and mentally. We will incorporate more flows while holding postures a bit longer, and come away with a deep sense of peace and well-being.

Classes available upon request

+ Revival Express (available upon request)

Don’t have much time? A little BodyInUnity is better than none at all. Stop in for a refreshing 30 minute sanctuary immersion and leave to face the world with a calm energy. No shower required.

♦ Wise & Willing Chair Yoga (available upon request)

A class designed especially for those who can benefit from using the stability of a chair as a prop. An adaptive experience for seniors, those on a weight-loss journey, or anyone who feels more comfortable off the floor.