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BodyInUnity Schedule


Class Schedule
Class cancellations on the following dates:
September 1: No Morning Classes
October 10
November 26-28
December 22–Jan 2, 2015

Please check our Facebook Page for any last minute changes/cancellations. Thank you.

Location for all classes:
First United Methodist Church of Oviedo (FUMCO)Youth Room

FALL SCHEDULE 2014 (begins August 11):

Class Descriptions August 2014

♦ If you are a newcomer, recovering from an injury, have a special concern, or are looking for a slower, gentler experience with more explanation to get acquainted with the terminology and physical sensation, look for GREEN.

♥ If you are experienced and interested in more of a physical challenge, classes in RED are just for you.

+ All other classes noted in YELLOW are mixed. Progressions and regressions are consistently offered and encouraged. Always focus on self-compassion, not conforming.


♦ Unity Foundations  11:00am Wednesdays & 6:30pm Thursdays
You will learn the building blocks of breathing and alignment with plenty of instruction and explanation, including personal attention and adjustments.  Discover a new way to slow down, focus inward, and refine postures.

♦ Renew & Restore  11:00am Mondays
A journey to enhance physical and emotional wellness by combining gentle movement, simple poses and breathing techniques. Less intense, but not less effective in facilitating unity.

+ Holy Rolling 9:15am Mondays
We will use a 36” foam roller for self-myofacial release (softening and releasing muscle & fascia (the tissue surrounding the muscle)) combined with postures and movements to lengthen, balance and strengthen the body. You’ll leave feeling like you just had a full-body massage and a workout!

+ Flowing in Faith 9:15am & 6:30pm Mondays
Energize your soul with a dynamic combination of flowing movement and held postures sequenced with inspirational music!  Move through the rhythm of your breath to create balanced, flexible strength, and healthy, functional posture.

♥ Powerful Praise  9:15am Fridays
This class takes Flowing in Faith to a new level of challenge, to improve both muscular and cardiovascular endurance. We will incorporate more flows while holding postures a bit longer, and come away with a deep sense of peace and well-being.

+ Revival Express (available upon request)
Don’t have much time? A little BodyInUnity is better than none at all. Stop in for a refreshing 30 minute sanctuary immersion and leave to face the world with a calm energy. No shower required.

♦ Wise & Willing (available upon request)
A class designed especially for those who can benefit from using the stability of a chair as a prop. An adaptive experience for seniors, those on a weight-loss journey, or anyone who feels more comfortable off the floor.