Online FeetUp® Trainer Courses

Awareness & Inversions Foundational Course

This course is a prerequisite for all other online courses, as it builds a safe and steady step-by-step approach to using your FeetUp® Trainer. This course will take you back to basics with the FeetUp® Trainer to deepen your inner energetic awareness and help you build safe, solid inversions from the ground up. Whether you have been practicing hand/headstands for years, or are a newbie to inversions, this course has something new for you to feel and use in your embodied experiences. 4 lessons, 1.5 hours each. $40 for 6 weeks/$100 download. 

Stability & Ease Yoga Series

Take your FeetUp® Yoga experience to the next level, focusing on the essence of asana: stability and ease in each posture and movement. Inversions are interwoven with slow flowing sequences and long holds in every position on/with the trainer you could imagine. 4 full yoga practices, approx. 1 hr. each. $40 for 6 weeks/$60 download.

Functional Fitness with Resistance Bands

This is the yang to the yin of slow utilization of the FeetUp® Trainer. This course incorporates upbeat music and rhythmic movement to create balanced, flexible strength. 16 videos. 4 of each of the following: WarmUp, Bodyweight Strength, Strength with Resistance Bands, Inversion Core work & Yoga Release. $40 for 6 weeks/$70 download.

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